The Best WordPress Image Editor

Tired of fumbling around with the default WordPress image editor?

Crop, rotate, resize, filter, adjust colors, and much more. Fast.

Works Everywhere

Take your image editor with you. Photinia is fully functional on mobile, tablet, and desktop browsers. Tested on fast and slow devices.

Edit Every Image Size

Optimize every image to fit your website perfectly. Enables finetuning of each image individual size, including custom sizes.

Quick Resume

All your edits are saved along with each specific image size allowing you to easily pick up editing or finetune your images without having to start over.

Sublime Crop Features.

A WordPress crop image feature that allows to crop freely or by a set aspect ratio.

The crop range can be limited to or go beyond the image. 

Easy rotation and image flip lets you choose the perfect picture detail.  


1-Click Restore.

Restore the original image with one click. 

You can target all images sizes at once or select a specific size to edit. 


Touch up.

Need more than a WordPress crop image tool?Give your image a finishing touch or add a filter to finalize it for publishing. 

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