Is the plugin multi site ready?

No. While you can install the plugin on multisite and activate it locally for each sizte it does not yet support any network activation or automatic licence propagation.

What file formats are supported?

Photinia supports .jpeg and .png.

How do I request a refund?

You can contact us here and ask for one. We identify your purchase using your mail address so please indicate which mail address you used when you bought your licence.

What are the minimum requirements for Photinia?

WordPress 5.x or higher.
PHP 7.x
MySQL 5.x
An internet browser in a version not older than 18 months.

Photinia has been tested successfully with PHP 8 and MySQL 8 but we do not guarantee it yet.

Does Photinia adopt my Doka for WordPress data?

No. Photinia is a new product and will not see any of the Doka for WordPress data.

Does removing my licence deactivate my activated domain?

No. Registered sites must be deactivated manually via your my account page.

Have a question as well?

You can contact us here to ask one.