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Photinia main settings

Photinia has one settings page. This is it:

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  1. Updates for Photinia require a valid product key set here. Default value: Empty
  2. This will hide the WordPress edit image button in the attachment page and attachment pop up detail. Default value: Off
  3. This will set the theme for the Photinia Editor. Default value: Dark
  4. Per default Photinia gives you all registered image sizes when clicking the ▼ on the edit image button. Activating checkboxes here makes only the selected sizes available. Default value: None selected.
  5. This setting will overwrite your image files each time you save an edit in Photinia. If you want keep each edit in a separate file you can deactivate the setting. Default: On
  6. Enable this to prevent WordPress from downsizing images. If this is disabled you will see 1 additional image for each big image upload. Default value: Off.
    How do you know WordPress is downsizing your images?
    Here is how you can tell:

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