Plugin files licence structure.

The Photinia plugin (the Plugin), allows users to edit images in their WordPress backend using their web browser which utilises the Pintura Image Editor.
PHP – all PHP files included in the Plugin are licensed under the GNU General Product Licence, version 2.
JavaScript – all JavaScript files included in the Plugin are commercially licensed and not open-source.

Commercial licence

Photinia hereby grants you a revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable, license to install and use the Plugin on the number WordPress websites that you have the legal right to install plugins (the specific number will depend on the license tier you selected). 

You can:

Install the Plugin on a WordPress website you, or the business/entity you are employed, own.
Install the Plugin on a WordPress website a customer, friend, or associate you are servicing own.
When the Plugin is installed on a WordPress Multisite network, each Subsite in the network the Plugin is activated on counts as 1 WordPress website. 

Photinia may offer special “academic”, “educational/student” or “non-profit” licenses. These licenses may not be used for any commercial purposes.


You may not copy, reproduce, redistribute, refactor, or extract any of the commercially-licensed files, in whole or in part. Nor can you sell, sublicense, lease, rent, loan, transfer, disclose, or make available the commercially-licensed files, other than as specifically permitted in the Commercial License agreement for the Plugin. 

Prohibited uses

You may not use the commercially-licenses files for any other purpose than what the Plugin provides. This means you cannot write code to use the editor outside of the designated areas registered by the Photinia.
You may not extract or refactor the commercially-licensed files from the Plugin.
You may not modify the commercially-licenses files. However, you can use any documented WordPress and Javascript actions/filters to change the configuration of Plugin.
You may not install the Plugin on more WordPress websites than the license(s) you’ve purchased covers.


Provided you do not violate the terms and conditions, you can use the Plugin in perpetuity – even if you do not renew your license.
Photinia has the right to terminate this contract if you breach any of the terms, and fail to remedy the breach within thirty (30) days of receipt of a notice from Photinia.
Upon termination of the agreement you shall immediately cease use of the Plugin. If, prior to your breach, you installed the Plugin on a WordPress website a customer, friend, or associate you are servicing owns, and you had the legal right to do so, the license shall survive termination for those users. 

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