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Simple image sizes

Plugin URL:

This is a great plugin to manage and add new registered image sizes. However we have noticed a slight bug on our test systems. It seems that it tends to duplicate the medium large responsive image size. This only appears after the first save of the settings.
Here is how you can tell it is being duplicated.

Image Link:

This seems to be cosmetical only but it can make Photinia also pick up on the duplicate.

Suggested fix: None for now.


Plugin URL:

We have seen instances where Multicon generated a Javascript loading problem which prevented Photinia from loading any image files.

Suggested fix: Manual implementation of the favicon, use the Customizer instead or swap your favicon plugin for another.

SSL mixed content

Plugin URL: multiple

We have seen instances where SSL plugins do fail to load all files via SSL. This prevents Photinia from loading.

Suggested fix: Turn on "fix mixed content" options or try adding a mixed content fixer plugin.


Plugin URL:

We have seen instances where Photinia could not load with Complianz active.

Suggested fix: Use to load Photinia before Complianz. This should fix the conflict.