How to remove image background with Adobe Photoshop in 10 seconds

I know what you are thinking. "10 seconds? More like 15 minutes preparation followed by 10 seconds."

Fair enough since the process in Photoshop for us did involve the following steps up until recently.

  1. Open photo.
  2. Select magic lasso.
  3. Carefully trace the object you want to cut out.
  4. Don’t misclick lest you need to repeat the entire process ;).
  5. Cut out the object that you lassoed all the way.

Adobe Photoshop learned to do steps 2. – 5. for you at one point.

Here is how:

Pretty neat, ey? I hope this tip saves you some time in the future.

Adobe Photoshop start at around 21$ per month. and Adobe offers a free online version which can do the same thing via

Have a look:

For those of you who are looking for an online editor alternative we recommend checking out: the background remover by

Lets us know in the comments any questions you might have.

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